Rebel and anarchy...fuck politics. Hey im Lance. Im your future Chiropractor and Neurologist. This blog is everything me. Its also alot of randomness. Dont be afraid to speak im learning to communicate lol. One other thing, if you are under 18 dont bother going through my blog it will give you nightmares.



dsm-decoi what up man

Just working, hanging out with my son, and spending some time with a new person of interest. Planning to buy my 95 gs back, just so I have a daily.

Nice I got my build back on track and decided to upgrade to a 16g. I’m selling my 14b and bout to buy link. Also is your son doing good?


Yeah it was totally your idea T’Challa. 
 Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #1
Wow, you Ladies and gents must really love white people. I mean, dedicating a whole page to our race? That's such an honor. Thank you. XOXO






did you give yourself a pat on the back for this one?

You gave yourself a high five for sending this didn’t you. OMG so clever

This is your blog

that shit says “A safe place for Europeans/ American-Europeans/ Canadian-Europeans/ Australlian-Europeans/ ECT…to find joy and beauty in their race.”

White people need a safe space now?

Pale faces need a safe space? Was the entire globe not safe enough for you so you decided to make a blog with the same white people we all open magazines and see

with the same mayo wonder bread sandwiches we see on tv, in movies, on billboards, defining beauty everywhere we go, 

But that wasn’t assuring enough for you so you made a blog because white people already don’t have enough

Tell me why your blog look like i google searched crackers?

Why your blog look like i google searched white bread?

You better shut your dumb ass the fuck up because I’m the last one for you to try to get smart on, okay?



took a glance at europeanbeauties92 archive…….image

that Poitier picture is how i’m looking at these replies.

the dragging continues

dsm-decoi what up man